Full Board

Whispering Woods Stables offers a boarding opportunities  to a maximum of a maximum of 10 full or pasture board horses.   Full board includes stall space in the barn and pasture board includes a pasture with a shed row building complete with individual stalls.  All boarding opportunities include grain (any grain supplied by RT Farms of Winthrop); unlimited/free choice hay; clean and fresh water.  Any supplements; fly spray; blankets or other horse related item will be the responsibility of the owner.

There are 2 to 3 horses in each pasture and each pasture shares a 100 gallon heated water tub that has underground piping for water and electricity.  The water piping works during the non-frozen months    Also each pasture shares a hay building that holds 2 rounds bales; one for each side of the electric fence ensuring that the horses always have access to hay.

All horses are put in their individual stall each morning and night for feeding which allows us to make sure that everyone is getting their own food and the appropriate amount.  We also leave them in during extreme weather conditions whether it be during a long stretch of hot humid summer days; chance of lots of rain and wind; severe thunder showers; cold windy rainy days in the fall and during the worse of the weather in the winter.

We are happy to feed any required supplements; vitamins, medications.  We also are more than happy to blanket; fly spray; tend to minor wounds and even groom if you are on vacation.

As a boarder you have full use of the indoor ring, outdoor ring, round pen and several miles of trails.  I have several clinics throughout the summer which you are able to participate in.

Whispering Woods is a very laid back and friendly stable; we concentrate on mostly trail riding and focus on the centered riding and natural horsemanship values.  We do not typically train for shows or jumping but we do allow you to have your own trainer come in if that is something you are interested in … they do however have to provide us with a copy of their instructor insurance. individual stalls but are free to roam 24 hours a day.

 Call for availability and pricing,