Farm Friends

SUNNY, born around 1993, is a 16-hand Palomino Tennessee Walking Horse. Joining in 2012, Sunny is a powerful herd member and a remarkable horse language teacher. Polite yet expressive, Sunny conveys emotions through various expressions, making him a valuable educational partner.

REO, born around 2000, is a 16-hand Spotted Saddle Horse. Teresa's first horse, he moved to Whispering Woods in 2012. Patient and spoiled, Reo loves grooming and demands attention when in his stall. Best friends with Sunny, they lived together before coming to Whispering Woods.

JB, a black Missouri Fox Trotter/Tennessee Walking Horse Cross born around 2007, arrived at Whispering Woods in 2013. His striking appearance in the snow led to the name "Jet Black." With a gentle personality and captivating presence, JB draws attention and loves being the center of it.

BODEGA, a Bay Tennessee Walking Horse born in 2010, became part of the barn in 2014. Standing just over 15 hands, Bodega is the barn clown, always up to mischief. Like Reo, he demands attention and loudly reminds everyone of his presence.

TUCKER, the only non-gaited horse, is a draft cross and a 16-hand gentle giant. Playful and a bit of a clown, Tucker loves treats and brings joy with his antics. His immediate connection with people and quiet energy have a positive impact on those around him.

MAYBELINE, a Tennessee Walking Horse born around 2018, joined in 2021. The barn's beauty queen, Maybeline is just over 14 hands with a stunning gray coat. Friendly and a love bug with humans, she asserts herself as the boss among her pasture mates.

SIENNA, a Sorrel/Chestnut Tennessee Walking Horse born around 2008, is the latest addition (2022). Initially reserved, Sienna has spent a year settling in and becoming comfortable. Standing at 16 hands, she is expressive, sweet, and slowly getting introduced to the programs at Whispering Woods. Sienna is Bodega's full sister.

The Horses

The Other Animals

Meet our delightful herd of 5 goats! The trio of black and white mischief-makers are none other than Dolly, June, and Loretta. Dolly, the sparkly-eared fancy one, June, the reserved soul, and Loretta, the troublemaker with an all-black face. Then, there's Pumpkin, the boss with wild markings, and the youngest of the crew. Last but not least, Nutmeg, the quiet one patiently waiting her turn. They absolutely adore being brushed and, during the day, enjoy their freedom to roam. You'll often catch them in a line, eagerly awaiting their turn for a pampering session.

Our feathered friends, a diverse bunch of various breeds, grace the property with their lively presence. Friendly and snack-loving, especially when it comes to crackers, these chickens add another layer of joy to the stable. Whether hunting bugs or indulging in sand baths, their antics are a delight to witness.

Enter Patsy and Charlie, two barn kittens who found their home at Whispering Woods at just 4 weeks old. Unusually friendly and far from traditional barn cats, they'll claim any available lap, regardless of your feline preferences. They roam the barn and the property but have a special spot in our warm and cozy classroom. Their love for attention makes them cherished members of our barn family.

A longtime member of our family, Mr. Bunny is a connoisseur of carrots and special treats. While a bit skittish, he enjoys summers in his bunny condo and outdoor play area. In the winter, he takes up residence in our cozy classroom, enjoying the warmth and dry comfort it provides.