Whispering Woods Stables offers Assisted Services, encompassing Growth & Learning, Psychotherapy, and Life Skills Programs. Our aim is to enhance the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and business organizations through Equine-assisted activities. Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals with expertise in both the equine industry and the mental health field.


Enriching Lives
One Hoofbeat at a Time

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Let us journey along the PATH of the horse, where moments of joy and happiness await. Let's embrace the simple pleasures of connection, laughter, and develop a magical bond with the most forgiving, gentle, and majestic animals on earth.

The Story of 
Whispering Woods Stables

I often get asked how I got into horses.
The answer is one that dreams are made of and that you would never think possible – have you ever been so afraid of something, but curious and intrigued with what you see?
Well, that was me with horses in 2006 -
This is my story...
The Story of Whispering Wood Stables. 


About Us

~ Megan

“I love animals and nature so it was the perfect setting for me. Working with animals is very rewarding in many ways. I find it calming on the nerves, I find horses to be very soothing and calming to work with along with the other animals as well! I'm able to put aside my own personal issues for a while and find some peace.” 

~ Heidi

“Riverview has had the pleasure of bringing clients to the equine program for the past 8 years. This program provides them with a safe, trustworthy enviroment, where they can build healthy boundaries and interperonal relationships with the use of horses using non-verbal communication.” 

~ Hailey

”I truly believe that having the ability to work with these amazing animals in this capacity had a huge part in me regaining my life today.”


“He is the biggest horse and his gentleness and peace brought so much to my daughter! She was able to have a moment with one of my most favorite horses I’ve EVER been around.” 

~ Charity

“Words can’t truly reflect all the experiences I had today, between watching the team, hearing the reflections and participating in the activities. I definitely want to come back and return to another event with the new team and hope we can even do more.”