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JUDY CROSS-STREHLKE - 2 Day Centered Riding Clinic

April 6 & 7 2019

CENTERED RIDING INSTRUCTIONS based on the Sally Swift Theory.

JUDY CROSS-STREHLKE has been teaching and following the discipline of Centered Riding® Since 1980 when Sally Swift first started teaching in Maine. Judy has had the good fortune to have been trained by Sally Swift extensively over the last 20 years and is currently certified as a Level IV Instructor and clinician

Most horse enthusiasts have heard of Centered Riding® and Sally Swift. This method of teaching riding uses many techniques of body awareness to help riders develop more understanding of typical movement patterns and how they can help or interfere with the horse's movement.

CENTERED RIDING® is a way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery, developed by Sally Swift. Started over 30 years ago, this method answers the question of "how" when your instructor tells you "what" to do when riding your horse. It can give you a new perspective on riding and other aspects of your life.

CENTERED RIDING® helps you become more aware of your body and it's potential. Many people are caught in the trap of unconscious habit. The way you use your body feels normal and familiar, even if you have habitual patterns which cause you to be stiff, crooked, or out of balance. Your horse feels and reacts to the way you use your body, right or wrong, which can lead to confusion and discomfort. Centered Riding® techniques help you discover an inner balance, serenity, and control that allows for greater freedom, suppleness, and coordination; your horse will respond with increased balance, poise, and forward motion.

The cost for this clinic will be $250 for the weekend.    Contact me at Teresa@whisperingwoodsstables.com or 207-370-1150 for more information and  availability.

4 day Horse Speak Immersion Clinic

Equine Enrichment is the Goal!

Learn the 12 Steps of Horse Speak in this 4-day Intensive Clinic!  Learn how to decode the subtle body language of the horse, interpret their conversations and engage with them in an enriching and meaningful way. This clinic closely follows the 12 Steps of Horse Speak as defined in Sharon Wilsie’s book, Horse Speak, The Equine-Human Translation Guide.

This Groundwork Clinic includes:

  • Herd Observation
  • Exercises to develop self-Awareness & Mindfulness
  • Liberty Interactions
  • In-Hand Applications

Who Should Attend?

  • Horse Lovers of all levels & disciplines
  • Industry Professionals-Veterinarians, Farriers, Equine Dentists, Chiropractors & Massage Practitioners, Therapeutic Facilitators, and the list goes on…..
  • Trainers & Instructors looking for a new way of being & working with horses.


Masterson Method Equine Massage

Beyond Horse Massage Weekend Seminar-Workshop

August  24 & 25 2019

 "I loved this course! The teacher was engaging and inspiring. I wanted to take the advanced class after the first few minutes."

~ L. Kline: Street, MD Student

The Masterson Method® Weekend Seminar is the next practical step to take after reading/viewing the Beyond Horse Massage Book/DVD.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn how to recognize and use the visual responses of the horse to your touch to find and release accumulated stress in key junctions of the body that most affect performance. Jim Masterson has successfully taught these techniques to hundreds of owners, therapists, and trainers worldwide, enabling them to open new levels of communication and relationship with their horses.

Prerequisite is to have either read the book or watched the DVD "Beyond Horse Massage" before attending the seminar-workshop.  https://mastersonmethod.com/shop/product/beyond-horse-massage-combo-book-and-dvd/

We are now accredited by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Organization (NCBTMB) for Continuing Education Credits.

What goes on at a Masterson Method® Weekend Seminar-Workshop: https://mastersonmethod.com/weekend-seminar-workshop/

To register, click the link here, or the Find Tickets link above:   

Tuition: $449

Contact Information: call the Masterson Method at 641-472-1312 or email seminars@mastersonmethod.com


Larry Whitesell - 5 Day Gaited Horse Clinic

August 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11 2019

Gaited Horse trainer,  Larry Whitesell from TN will be offering a 5 day clinic at Whispering Woods Stables. In this clinic you will learn how to improve gait, lightness, relaxation, create flexibility and balance, how to school the horse in hand and under saddle, build engagement, balanced, light stops, collection and how your riding affects yours horses balance and gait. Cost for this event will be $850, stall space will be available for $25/night which includes shavings.  Unlimited auditing space is available for $30/day.  Lunch, snacks and bottled water  will be included for all riders and auditors. I have a couple of spots for trailer parking with electircal hook ups (no charge).  All horse breeds and riding skills welcome. Contact teresa@whisperingwoodsstables.com for more information